Ty Peterson, LtCol, USAF (Ret), VP of Technology

Mr. Ty Peterson is a retired Air Force officer, with over 25 years of experience working with high-tech intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, cyber and space systems and a track record of unprecedented accomplishments.  Prior to joining Reveal Global Consulting, Ty was the program manager and technical director for a $12M per year advanced visualization and targeting software suite for the US Air Force, where he built an Air Force non-kinetic targeting modernization program from the ground up.  He was responsible for all facets of program.  He guided modernization and development from requirements refinement through product delivery to the field.  He has the proven ability to manage and motivate high-performance teams and a broad background in military acquisition, fiscal programming, requirements, policy development, intelligence and personnel management.  He has extensive knowledge of current non-kinetic capabilities and the requirements to integrate space, cyber, information operations and electronic warfare into the full spectrum of military operations.  He is cleared for Top Secret Information and eligible for Access to Sensitive Compartmented Information. Mr. Peterson currently heads up RGC’s Defense solutions and Marketing sectors.

While on active duty, Mr. Peterson served as the Non-Kinetic Effects Deputy at the Combined Air and Space Operations Center, Southwest Asia, where he led the team responsible for coordinating non-lethal effects during contingency operations planning. He integrated current and emerging non-kinetic capabilities across Strategy, Plans, Operations, Assessment and Intelligence divisions within the air operations center.  As the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations Branch Chief for HQ Air Force Materiel Command, he wrote and coordinated Air Force policy governing intelligence support to the acquisition process.  As the Intelligence Division Chief for the Aeronautical System Center at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, he led a 19-person team comprised of intelligence analysts and engineers charged with analyzing all Air Force aircraft acquisition programs for intelligence dependencies and requirements. He also drove early integration of up-to-date foreign threat intelligence data into acquisition programs to ensure survivability in today’s complex battlespace. He collaborated with the intelligence community to produce high-fidelity models for use within engineering simulations. He deployed to US Africa Command as Intelligence Training and Exercises Program Lead for ten Operation Enduring Freedom Trans-Sahara partner nations in West Africa.  Mr. Peterson’s experience also includes budget programming; he was responsible for the seven-billion-dollar initial funding program for 217 Predator and 51 Global Hawk unmanned systems and ensured a balanced portfolio of interoperable collection, processing, and dissemination systems. He directed Predator operations over Afghanistan for the nine months immediately following 9/11; used this invaluable experience and insight to execute expanded program responsibility—ensured a balanced $18 billion Air Force ISR and UAV portfolio comprised of U-2, Rivet Joint, UAVs, and other ISR platforms.